Nature2U was born from a passion for Kakadu Plum and a desire to share its transformative benefits with the world.

Founded by Theresa Kim, our journey began with a single mission: to help women harness the natural power of Kakadu Plum to rejuvenate their skin and revitalise their health. From humble beginnings to international success, we've remained steadfast in our commitment to providing women with the finest quality supplements, allowing them to unleash their natural beauty and vitality.

Theresa's Story

Faced with the challenges of starting a new business with no prior experience, all the while taking care of her 10-year-old daughter alone, Theresa struggled with stress and fatigue...

Her hair was brittle, and her skin was dull despite all the topical products she applied. When she developed eczema, she was limited on what she could apply, so she had to search for another way of supporting her skin and health. It was during this time Theresa became aware of the astonishing benefits of Kakadu Plum as well as the importance of nourishing the skin from the inside. 

Naturally, Theresa wanted to incorporate Kakadu Plum to provide the deep nourishment she needed from within, but surprisingly this miraculous superfood was not readily available, and the quality of what was available did not measure up to the exceptional benefits Kakadu Plum was known for.

Fuelled by her frustration, Theresa embarked on a quest to find the highest quality Kakadu Plum powder and after much perseverance, Theresa was able to find the best of the best. Throughout this long process, Theresa became deeply passionate about Kakadu Plum, and her own first-hand experience of the remarkable improvement in skin, energy, and overall health sparked a mission within her. So to help other women tap into the natural transformative power of Kakadu Plum, Theresa founded Nature2U.

Very early on in our journey, Nature2U came across an opportunity to export to South Korea, and so far, we have helped over 200,000 South Korean women combat skin and hormone issues with our premium Kakadu Plum powder.

"Today, our focus is on helping women right here in Australia nourish themselves with Nature2U Kakadu Plum powder and reclaim their natural beauty and vitality."

We believe that true beauty stems from within, a gift bestowed upon us by Mother Nature herself.

We're committed to empowering women to reconnect with their inherent beauty, offering them the finest offerings nature has to offer so they can reclaim their natural radiance and truly shine from within.

Our Commitment to Superior Quality

Nature2U is committed to finding the finest offerings of Mother Nature and to presenting them in their purest essence for you to harness their full efficacy, just as nature intended.

  • Premium fruit from the Northern Territory

    We only source premium fruits from the Northern Territory.

    Fruit from this region is known to have higher vitamin C content compared to fruit sourced from other parts of Australia.

  • Wild Harvested

    Our fruits are harvested from the pristine wilderness where they thrive naturally without any human intervention, fertilisers or pesticides.

    Wild fruits contain higher levels of nutrients and are free from toxins.

  • Pure Natural Potency

    Our Kakadu Plum powder contains 100% Kakadu Plum fruit flesh without seed, skin or any additives.

    We use a premium rapid low-heat drying method to ensure the natural colour, flavour and nutrients of the fruit are all preserved in the powder.

  • Premium Packaging

    Our amber glass jar filters UV rays and protects light-sensitive nutrients in Kakadu Plum.

    Our inner cap seals the freshness so the powder remains fresh and nutritious.