Highest Quality Kakadu Plum Products on the Market

Nature 2U Quality Assurance

  • Premium Fruit

    We only source premium fruits from the Northern Territory.

    Fruits from this region are known to have higher vitamin C content compared to fruits sourced from other parts of Australia.

  • Sustainably Wild Harvested

    Our fruits are wild harvested in the pristine wilderness, where they grow naturally without any human intervention, fertilisers or pesticides.

    Wild fruits contain higher nutrient levels and are free from toxins.

  • Pure Natural Potency

    Our Kakadu Plum products contain 100% Kakadu Plum fruit flesh without seeds, skin or any additives.

    We use a premium rapid low-heat drying method to preserve the natural colour, flavour and nutrients of the fruits all in the powder.

  • Premium Packaging

    Our amber glass jar filters UV rays and protects light-sensitive nutrients in Kakadu Plum.

    Our inner cap seals the freshness so the powder remains fresh and nutritious.