Kakadu Plum, a hero beauty boosting ingredient you should be ingesting in 2024

Kakadu Plum, a hero beauty boosting ingredient you should be ingesting in 2024

Is your skincare routine on track to achieving your new year beauty goals? Have you added yet another topical product to your regime, hoping it will give you the beauty glow you have longed for?

Topical products surely have their role and place in skincare, but slathering another topical product won’t make much difference in the outcome. When you think about it, the skin’s main function is to protect the rest of the body from external threats so if your skin is as healthy as it should be and functioning as well as it should, not much of the nutrients in your topical products should pass through the outermost layer of epidermis.

So, what’s a more effective way to deliver skin-loving nutrients to where they are mostly needed? These nutrients need to be ingested so that they can be absorbed through the walls of the small intestine into the bloodstream where they can be transported to where they are needed.

This is no secret and the reason behind the recent rise of Ingestible beauty products. Many of the topical skincare brands have added edible beauty products to their range and there are numerous new brands specialising in ingestible skincare. Those savvy skin enthusiasts who have been quick to incorporate ingestible skincare products into their skincare routines swear by the skin benefits as well as overall health benefits. 

The most popular ingestible beauty products seem to be collagen powder. Sure, collagen is the fundamental building block of our skin and supplementing collagen can have many benefits. However, our skin is a complex organ that requires various other nutrients to be able to function properly and our world-famous Australian skin superfood can provide many of these vital nutrients for skin health.

The Skin-Loving Ingredients in Kakadu Plum

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful youth and beauty booster as it plays several crucial roles in maintaining healthy, youthful skin. It is an essential nutrient required during our body’s natural collagen synthesis process so an inadequate level of Vitamin C in our body hinders our natural ability to produce collagen. Vitamin C is also a highly effective antioxidant and helps fight free radical damage which causes skin cell damage, collagen degradation and premature ageing. Vitamin C also promotes the synthesis of barrier lipids for healthy epidermis and increases epidermal moisture content. In addition, Vitamin C targets pigmentation and brightens the skin.

Kakadu Plum is the world’s highest natural source of Vitamin C and for this reason top skincare companies all over the world have chosen to include it in their topical products. However, the skin benefits of Kakadu Plum can be amplified when it is ingested and unlike synthetic isolated Vitamin C often derived from GMO corn, Vitamin C in Kakadu Plum is more bioavailable as Kakadu Plum contains a whole range of other micronutrients which assist Vitamin C absorption in our body .

Vitamin E

Vitamin E skin benefits are well known. As a powerful antioxidant like Vitamin C, it scavenges harmful free radicals which breaks down collagen and leads to saggy skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin E also has skin protective benefits from sun damage and can downregulate skin inflammation.

Kakadu Plum is an excellent source of natural Vitamin E as 98.2% of Vitamin E in Kakadu Plum being a-Tocopherol, the most bioactive form of Vitamin E. Kakadu plum naturally contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E together and studies have found that oral supplementation of this combination produces a synergistic increase in the two vitamins’ skin protecting activities compared to when either vitamin is used on its own.

Gallic Acid

Selected by British Vogue as one of “The 6 Buzzy Skincare Ingredients To Get Acquainted with in 2022”, this polyphenol with antioxidant, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties can help protect the skin, reduce the appearance of redness and uneven skin tone. Kakadu Plum is one of the richest natural sources of gallic acid.  

Ellagic Acid

Known to be a gentler alternative to hydroquinone, Ellagic acid can help reduce UV-induced skin pigmentation. Apart from the whitening and brightening effects, Ellagic acid has been shown to increase the expression of type 1 collagen mRNA and therefore can prevent and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It has even been reported to be effective in restoring the natural pigmentation of grey hair. Kakadu Plum contains a high concentration of Ellagic acid.


Hydration is the key to healthy, glowing skin and Potassium is a skin hydrating and moisturising nutrient. It helps regulate the water content in our body and prevents moisture loss. Potassium also promotes cell renewal and rapid skin cell replenishment is vital for maintaining youthful skin. By improving the cell renewal process in the scalp, Potassium can also stimulate hair growth. Kakadu Plum is naturally rich in Potassium.


Claimed ‘the unsung hero in anti-aging skin care’ by L’oreal Paris’s Beauty Magazine, calcium plays an important role in skin hydration, barrier function, cell development and cell turnover all of which are crucial for a healthy, plump and glowing complexion.


A cofactor in over 300 enzymatic reactions in our body, Magnesium plays an important role in skin health as well. It is needed in the first protein translation of our body’s natural collagen production process. It helps skin maintain a healthy level of essential fatty acids which is necessary for maintaining healthy skin barrier and skin radiance. Magnesium can help reduce acne by lowering cortisol level and stabilising hormonal imbalance. It can also soothe skin allergies, too.


Iron’s role in skin health is often overlooked, but iron is another mineral which plays a critical role in our body’s natural production of collagen. Kakadu Plum is a good source of iron and iron in Kakadu Plum is absorbed better into our body as it is naturally accompanied by Vitamin C. 


This trace mineral is needed for producing the amino acid proline, which is essential for collagen formation and wound healing in human skin cells. 


Zinc is a fundamental mineral for skin health. It plays an essential role in cellular repair of fibroblasts which are the cells responsible for making collagen proteins. It helps skin heal after an injury and when combined with Vitamin C, Zinc has been shown to exhibit antimicrobial activity that helps to clear bacteria in acne. Kakadu Plum naturally contains zinc and Vitamin C together. 


Another crucial nutrient that supports collagen production, Copper activates an enzyme needed to form collagen and elastin fibres. It also stimulates the maturation of collagen and hence can improve skin elasticity. Copper can modulate melanin synthesis as well. 


Lutein is mostly known for its eye health benefits, but this mineral can also help shield our skin from premature ageing caused by the sun and blue-light exposure. 


Folate aids skin cell regeneration by playing an important role in DNA synthesis and cell division. Folate also helps to reduce inflammation in the skin and promote wound healing. Additionally, folate helps to maintain skin elasticity, preventing wrinkles and fine lines from forming.


Fibre has been long known as the key nutrient for healthy gut, but recently researchers have connected healthy skin to healthy gut so fibre is a must have nutrient for skin health. Fibre helps maintain a healthy gut microbiome which is crucial for absorption of skin loving nutrients as well as elimination of toxins which causes skin issues. Fibre also helps to regulate blood sugar levels and therefore can prevent skin breakouts, inflammation and premature aging caused by high blood sugar levels. 

Naturally containing all the above essential nutrients required for a healthy glow, Kakadu Plum is a powerful skin superfood that nourishes your beauty at the root. Upgrade your skincare routine by incorporating Nature2U Kakadu Plum Powder, the highest quality Kakadu Plum powder available and let your beauty from within shine through your skin.